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The offer exam preparation courses are very broad. Before deciding on a course, it is important to be clear about your objective: what do you intend to achieve with the exam?. Once you know what your goal is, it will be easy for you to choose the language test. Here we give you an overview of exam preparation courses of different languages and help you choose the exam that best suits your needs.

Language exam preparation

You can only find out about how well you speak a language when you depend on it in order to communicate with someone else. However, there exist standardized examinations that help potential employers evaluate to what extent you speak the respective foreign language fluently.

These language examinations are meant to give a reliable insight into your level of proficiency, which is why it could be very useful for you to attend an appropriate exam preparation course. Exam preparation classes allow you to prepare for the final exam and to get to know the exam's format. An exam preparation course is more than just a language course, as you prepare specifically for your final exam and learn to get good results.

There are different types of exam preparation courses for different types of tests. The most renowned ones are the Cambridge certificates: PET (Preliminary English Test), FCE (First Certificate of English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency). Please consider that it is essential to take full advantage of the preparation course: if you don't reach a certain number of points in these Cambridge exams you simply fail. This is not the case for the TOEFL-exam where it's all just about reaching a high number of points without being able to fail. Still, you can achieve more by taking the most out of your exam preparation class.

Other well-known tests are DELE for Spanish, the DELF, and DALF for French, and the CILS for Italian. Again, a preparation course will help you to be more successful.

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