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French is without a doubt, a language of international relevance due to its direct connection to art, romanticism, and importance to the actual economic trends. These are just a few reasons why thousands of people decide to study it. Learning French will open a new world full of opportunities, allowing you to communicate in diverse countries and renowned destinations. Linguland offers you the possibility to take French courses in 3 countries: France, Canada, and Martinique. France is the classic alternative within Europe, there you will discover vibrant landscape contrasts, regional differences and the love for culture and gastronomy. In Canada, you will learn a more traditional French variant, in which you will even find words that in France are no longer in use and finally, in Martinique, you can enjoy the weather and the joy of a Caribbean island while you improve your language skills. Regardless of which option you choose, we assure you that you will want to repeat it!


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Our most popular French language courses

Standard Course
Standard Course
Ecole France Langue Paris (Paris, France)
Standard Course
Standard Course
Ecole France Langue Nice (Nice, France)
Power Course
Power Course
LSI Paris (Paris, France)

French language courses

Where should I take a French course?

With Linguland, you will be able to learn French in France, Canada or in Martinique. France is the classic destination to learn this language. In this country, you can get the chance to visit world-famous destinations like the Eiffel Tower and enjoy different types of landscapes such as the Alps, Provence or the Mediterranean coast. The most requested locations to learn French includes the city of love Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or places near the sea such as Nice, Montpellier, Biarritz or Cannes. In Canada, you will find a fascinating and inspiring international atmosphere surrounded by nature in one of our language schools in Montreal or Quebec. If you are looking forward to learning French while you are on vacation, at our French school in Martinique you will have the best option to accomplish this.

Are there different kinds of French?

There are significant differences between the written and spoken French that is spoken in France and Canada. These differences took place due to the parallel development of the language in both regions. A French course in Canada will give you a "more traditional" learning experience in a modern environment. On the other hand, we have found that learning French in France is generally easier for people who are beginners in this language, and it usually recommended taking a course in northern France.
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