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Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese? Learning Spanish will allow you to communicate in more than 20 countries discovering new places and cultures. Spanish is much more than flamenco and tapas. Without any doubt, Spain is the ideal place for those who seek tradition, while South and Central America are the perfect destinations for the most adventurous and nature lovers. Explore colorful cities and the most vibrant ecological and cultural destinations while learning Spanish in one of our selected schools in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Cuba!


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Our most popular Spanish language courses

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Standard Course
Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
Standard Course
Standard Course
Don Quijote Playa del Carmen (Playa del Carmen, México)
Power Course
Power Course
Linguaschools Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

Spanish language courses

Where should I take a Spanish course?

You can learn Spanish at Spain, enjoying the Spanish culture through flamenco, eating tapas and enjoying a cold beer with your new Spanish friends. In this country you will have one of the most interesting selection of courses, where you could enjoy the beaches of Ibiza or Marbella or the well-known metropolitan cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. In our Spanish schools, you will find the perfect conditions and methodologies to learn Spanish.

It is also possible to learn Spanish in Latin America, enjoying its pleasant weather and exotic destinations. Generally, these countries are the perfect choice for students who want to take a long-term course and want to travel visiting the most important natural and tourist destinations. Latin America has a lot to offer: landscapes, culture and history and you can choose between countries such as Costa Rica , Argentina , Cuba and Mexico .

Are there different kinds of Spanish?

Although Spanish originates in Spain, this language is spoken slowly and more clearly in several Latin American countries. Therefore, if you are a beginner in this language, will be a good idea to consider this fact and take a language course in this region. In any case, if you plan to learn Spanish in Spain, it will be a good opportunity to live and get to know its culture and regional differences, including its own language particularities. In most cities in Spain, it will be also possible that a specific dialect would be also spoken, but do not worry because you will learn a neutral Spanish that will be understood anywhere. In all our Spanish schools, you will learn Spanish that is understandable throughout the world.

The Spanish language in South America and Central America is generally spoken much slower than in Spain, making it easier to understand. In particular, the vocabulary used in Central America has a strong influence on American English, while the countries of the Pacific coast and in South America the vocabulary include several words of indigenous origin, which have been preserved over the centuries since the Spanish colonization.

How long should a Spanish course last?

There is no rule that determines how much time someone needs to learn Spanish because everyone has their personal learning goals and pace. Down below an overview of the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages could be found:

  • Level A1 / A2 - Spanish beginners: At this level it is recommended to take a course long term course to get used to the this new language. With each additional week at this level, the progress is very evident until the adjustment period is completed. The advantage of Latin American schools is that they are usually cheaper, so much so that they can even compensate for the cost of the flights.

  • Level B1 / B2 - intermediate: For people at this level, Spanish is not completely fluent. It is recommended to study for at least 2 weeks.

  • Level C1 / C2 - advanced: If you reached this level you have fluent Spanish. In this case, a course of more than 3 weeks is not recommended, unless you have the objective of preparing the DELE exam, in which case we recommend you to take a specialized DELE exam preparation course. Once you have reached a C1 level your main objective should be focusing on your speaking and writing skills.
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