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1. The process of learning is intuitive and quick through a Language course abroad:

The best way to learn a language is by traveling to a country where the language to be learned is spoken as an official tongue. These courses are held in language schools on site, where the lessons will be taught by qualified and professional native teachers. Our experience has taught us the benefits of learning a language in a foreign country. The fast learning curve of our students prove the advantages of the methodology of our courses and the impact of the daily use of their language skills during their stay in a foreign country.

Graph: Target languages of clients from USA for the period 10/2018 to 10/2019 in percent. Considering a Sample Size of 0 Persons.

2. Customers of USA have chosen the following accommodations:

According to our students, learning a language is not the only reason to take a language course abroad. As can be seen below, all the reasons of the USA students are:

Graph: The values for the survey are based on qualitative surveys of Linguland's customers in the years 2018 and 2019. Sample size surveyed: 0 people.

3. Intensity of the courses

In this graphic, you can compare our most popular language courses and find detailed information about them.

Graph: Type of course chosen by USA customers in the period between 10/2018 and 10/2019 in percentage. Sample size surveyed: 1323 people.

4. Distribution by age of our USA students who learned a language course abroad:

It has been noticed that depending on the age of our students some destinations are more suited for them to be of interest. In the following graph, these destinations could be found:

Graph: these are the percentages according to the age of the students of the USA Linguland, between the period 10/2018 and 10/2019. Sample size 0 people

5. Who typically take more language courses abroad? women or men?

Concerning the gender distribution of our students, the graph below shows the share distribution by gender for all our clients from USA, including related additional information.

Graph: Gender distribution of our students from USA for the period 10/2018 to 10/2019. Sample Size 0 Persons.

6. How much time should I set aside for my language course?

The graph below shows the typical duration of the courses that former students took in the past including the different types of accommodation available for you to take during your studies.

Graph: Average duration and median per language course, sorted by language (based on clients from USA during 10/2018 to 10/2019) & Sample Size 0 Persons.

7. Customers of USA have chosen the following accommodations:

The most requested accommodation during a language course abroad is the host family; however, we offer a wide variety of options available for you. The following graph shows how frequently each of these accommodations has been booked by our students:

Graph: these are the percentages according to the accommodation options most reserved by our students of USA between 10/2018 and 10/2019 taking into account 0 people. When a student books a course without or privately an accommodation it's being displayed in the category of without accommodation.

8. Most popular start dates by month:

It is convenient to know when the language schools are particularly busy during high season and when you may be enrolled in small groups during the offseason. The following graphic shows this distribution by month:

Graph: It is important to know in which period of the year the high season begins or ends in the country your visiting. Taking part in one of our winter courses where the groups are smaller will allow you to get the most out it. Below could be found the starting dates chosen by the USA students to start their language course in the period 10/2018 to 10/2019.